A Visit to the Farmer’s Market

This weekend, we were lucky to have my mom in town visiting from Iowa. She was here to help my sister move apartments (still within Chicago!) and also to look at some condos for her and my dad! (They’re moving up to our area to be closer to my sister and me – we’re lucky girls!)

But I thought while my mom was visiting that we ought to do some fun activities too! So we got food from our favorite thai place and also went to a local Farmer’s Market! I’d never been before but, despite being an overcast/rainy morning, there was a good selection of fresh fruit/vegetable stands, artisan bakers and more (I got a Tupperware pitcher too!).

We started off sharing a delicious chocolate croissant made by the nuns at the St. Roger Abbey. (I also got some bread to take home!)

Croissant at Farmer's Market

Then we did a full loop around the market, looking at the stands full of fruits and vegetables and flowers (also my mom got some coffee!).


Squash at Farmer's Market



After checking out all of the options, we chose some squash, sour cherries, blueberries and strawberries from JW Morlock and Girls Farm, which is just over the border in Michigan! I’m looking forward to making some shortcake to top with the berries and to have G grill out the squash this week for dinner! My mom is keeping the cherries for a snack on her way home tomorrow morning!

I’ll definitely have to start frequenting the Mt. Prospect Farmer’s Market more often – I think next time I want to try their organic eggs and maybe another pastry… And when my parents move up here, we’re planning a tour of the local Farmer’s Markets to see which one is our favorite!

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