Us? Painting…?! But we did it!

Anyone who knows me, knows that my artistic skills are extremely limited. Like REALLY limited. I was good at staying in the lines with a marker or crayon but other than that… and painting? Forget about it! But, for my mom’s birthday, she wanted to do a fun activity (remember we did the pasta making for Mother’s Day last year!) so my sister and I rounded her up and we all headed over to Pinot’s Palette in Glenview, IL. And it was so much fun!

Due to timing, we actually ended up with a really difficult painting (we learned that anything involving people and their limbs – arms or legs – qualifies as difficult!). I had previously done a painting here with work colleagues, but we had an easier floral motif. This one – a woman walking through a rainy street – was MUCH more challenging.

So first, we fortified ourselves with some yummy dinner at Flight across the street!

Before Painting - Dinner

We highly recommend the scallops and flatbread. Ooh and the cheese tray!

Before Painting - Yummy Food

Then we headed over to our painting location to face the creative music.

Painting - Location Sign

We started off with blank canvases. And we all hoped it would improve from there!

Painting - Blank Canvases

We started with the woman’s figure in the middle. The hardest part! We all had some struggles with the legs in particular…

Painting - Trying to Get the Girl Right

Then we moved on to the background.

Painting - Working on the Background

I think they intentionally kept the background a bit abstract so that we wouldn’t be able to mess it up too much!

Mom ran into a few issues but luckily one of the art experts from Pinot’s Palette was able to help.

Painting - Mom having some issues

Lauren was looking pretty confident! (And rightly so!)

Painting - Lauren looking confident

With a little bit of assistance (and thankfully, the ability to paint over mistakes – thank you fast drying paint!), we each had our finished painting!

Painting - the finished pieces

I think they turned out pretty well! Or at least, better than we all thought they would at the beginning given our limited painting skills!

Painting - with our finished artwork updated

Overall, this was a really fun activity and even those with limited artistic ability (*me!*) can still participate, have fun and end up with a decent painting afterwards! If you’re in the Glenview area, check out Pinot’s Palette – or if you’re not, I know there are a lot of similar places around the country!

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