A Baby Sparkles Update – Baby Shower and More!

Ok, so three months since my last entry… not good, I know! I’m sorry! I’m going to work on it – and hey – in the next couple months, I think I’m going to be looking for things to help the time move more quickly! 🙂 So I thought I’d provide an update on how Baby Sparkles and I are doing, and a little insight into the wonderful baby shower that was thrown for us.

Today, I am officially 31 weeks pregnant! So a few weeks into the third trimester! Overall, I’m feeling pretty good – definitely more tired than I was, especially any time after 2pm (the baby has decided that I should be a morning person!).

We recently had our 30 week ultrasound which went great! Our Baby Sparkles is measuring right where she should be and is an active, healthy little girl! Now I just can’t wait to meet her…!

We’re also in full swing of getting ready for her arrival- we’ve been working hard on the nursery and gathering all of the baby paraphernalia that we’ll need when she comes home from the hospital! We were helped in that process with a beautiful baby shower that my mom, mother-in-law and friend threw for us a couple of weeks ago! Here are a few snapshots from the party!

Baby Shower - It's a Girl

Baby Shower - The Room

Baby Shower - Bows for Lily





Baby Shower - Cake and treats

Baby Shower





There was a beautiful room, yummy cake, delicious food, the most generous gifts, fun games and a station where guests could make custom headbands for Baby Sparkles! It was so nice to celebrate with everyone – we had friends and family from both sides! I think that was the most fun part – getting to spend time with everyone and share our excitement for Baby Sparkles! Best baby shower ever!

We’re just finishing up a few things in the nursery and then I’ll be able to share pictures!

Pregnancy-brain is definitely full swing though – so I have lots of lists. Lists of things I still need to buy for the baby, lists of things that I want to do before she arrives, lists of things to pack for the hospital! Lots of lists! 🙂

Sorry if this entry jumped around a bit – blame it on the pregnancy brain! 😉

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