Sparkly Social Media Here I Come

With about a month and a half under my blogging belt, I think it’s time to officially launch corresponding Facebook and Twitter pages. A couple of people have mentioned that they have trouble keeping up with when I post new entries so I’m hoping social media will help! 🙂 I’ll not only post new entries but also random thoughts, pictures, etc.  (And before anyone asks, Pinterest and Instagram are coming soon!)

So, without further adieu, if you like the blog (and/ or me 🙂 ), I would love it if you would “Like” the page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

I’m working on (well G is working on…) better cover photos for both, as well as a few other fun graphical things (nice to have a husband who also knows graphic arts! :)), but I wanted to get things started while he works on those!

You’ll also note cute new buttons on the sidebar to connect you to my social media channels, and of course, buttons on the bottoms of all of my posts to make it easy for you to share with your social networks (no pressure, just pointing it out! :)).

Thanks in advance for all of your support for My Simple Sparkles.

About Lindsey

Hello! I'm a 30 year old, newly married, lady living outside of one of the best cities in the USA! I work in communications, love to read, recently purchased an RV with my husband (yay for road trips!) and am looking forward to starting a family soon-ish. I love to smile and hope to make other people smile too!

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