A Simple Sparkles Holiday Celebration

For the holidays, we were very lucky to be able to celebrate with our family over the course of several days. First, we had our annual cookie baking day on the 23rd, then on Christmas Eve, we celebrated with G’s family and then on Christmas Day we had a big breakfast with both families before we spent the rest of the day with my family. Over the course of the holidays, we had a lot of reminiscing and laughing, Christmas movies and hot chocolate, games and treats. It was a great year and we’re always thankful to be able to spent time with our loved ones. I wanted to share just a few photos from around our celebrations!

Simple Sparkles Holiday: Cookie Baking Ingredients
All of the ingredients for our cookie baking (and yes, unfortunately we went through all of that butter… and maybe more!)
Simple Sparkles Holiday: Rolling out the sugar cookie dough
Rolling out the sugar cookie dough. We made circles and sweater shapes!
Simple Sparkles: Baking the Swedish Spice Cookies
Swedish Spice Cookies about ready to go into the oven!
Simple Sparkles Holiday - Cookie Platter
Just some of our many delicious cookies!
Simple Sparkles Holiday - Buddy
Buddy was watching the cookie baking… a bit skeptical about his changes of getting scraps (and his Christmas sweater…).
Simple Sparkles Holiday - Our Christmas Table
Our Christmas Table!
Simple Sparkles Holiday - Stockings, presents and fire
Stockings, presents and a crackling fire!
Simple Sparkles Holiday - Teddy Posing
My parents dog Teddy managed a perfect Christmas pose in his holiday sweater. (And we didn’t prompt or pose him at all!)

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