Our Path to (Class C) RV Ownership (Part 2)

Sitting in the RV on the way back from Colorado and thought I should do Part 2 of this series! So to recap the previous post, we wanted a compromise between G’s love of camping/the outdoors and my love of creature comforts. After going to an RV show, we completely deviated from our previous plans and had started down the Class C road.

I’m still planning a post comparing Class C, Class A and towable RVs. But in the meantime, basically a Class C RV is built on the chassis of a truck and usually has a sleeping bunk overhang over the truck cab.

The major pros of the Class C for us were: build quality, ease of driving, price (esp. compared to Class A), space and size. (More on that in the comparison post!)

Once we decided on Class C, we looked at a LOT of them… both in person and online. We had a few definite requirements:

  • It needed to have two forward facing seats/seatbelts in the back (or “house”) of the RV to accommodate children and carseats. This was actually harder to find than it sounds since a lot of the Thor Four Winds RVs (the make/model that we were originally focusing on) have a U-shaped dinette which means only one forward facing seat/carseat.
  • I really wanted at least one carseat anchor. Again, harder to find than you might think.
  • We really liked the dinette/couch being across from each other to facilitate family games, etc.
  • We wanted to keep it under 30 feet in order to allow us to visit state and national parks that have a 30″ limit on RVs
  • It should have a Ford 450 or Chevy 4500 chassis to give us enough power to potentially tow a small car (or “toad”) down the road
  • Of course, we wanted it to be relatively nice on the inside but didn’t really want to pay the premium for a new RV
  • We didn’t really want “slides” (sections that slide out on either side to expand living space) because we’d heard that they can be prone to leaks and problems, and since this was our first RV, we decided to keep it simple

With a hefty wish/requirement list, it took us a couple of months to find the right RV. We looked at every make and model out there, but finally landed on the Coachmen Freelander 27 QB on a Chevy 4500 chassis. It’s just under 30 feet, has the perfect layout and lots of storage (see pictures from the inside here). Plus, we were able to find an awesome, barely-used one from Krenek RV in Michigan – it only had about 6,000 miles and we were able to get the warranty on it!

So far we’ve been really happy with it! We’re going to have a Safe T Plus bar installed as well as some improved shocks (to smooth out the ride). But I think after that, we’ll be (hopefully) good to go for many years! So that’s how we landed with our current Class C RV!

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Hello! I'm a 30 year old, newly married, lady living outside of one of the best cities in the USA! I work in communications, love to read, recently purchased an RV with my husband (yay for road trips!) and am looking forward to starting a family soon-ish. I love to smile and hope to make other people smile too!

2 thoughts on “Our Path to (Class C) RV Ownership (Part 2)

  1. It’s so wonderful you have compromised! Eric and I are the same, he loves camping/outdoors… I love modern amenities and comforts! The compromise for us has always been that I only have to go on SOME of the camping trips. I would LOVE an RV and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in one! I’m hoping as we age, he will start to feel the need for some modern comforts as well 😉

    1. So far it’s been working out pretty well for us! 🙂 We’re really liking the Class C and it’s been a pretty good balance – I’ll definitely keep you posted!

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