Our Path to RV Ownership (Part 1)

Pink RV
(Not my RV – I wish G would let me paint ours pink though…! 🙂                       “Inside a Genie’s Bottle” Mini Glamping Trailer by Stephanie Abdul / CC BY-ND 2.0

Many of my friends and family members were more than a little surprised when I told them that G and I were going to buy and RV. And understandably so… I had never been on an RV (outside of work events which is a completely different story) and I don’t really like to drive. So how did we end up at that point? I’ll start to tell the story…

First, it’s important to know a few things about both G and me:

  • We definitely want to have kids in the near future and it’s important to us to give them as many positive life experiences as possible.
  • G loves camping and the outdoors… I do not. (Well, let’s say I love nature and the outdoors in limited quantities and with a healthy buffer in most situations.)
  • G loves to drive… I do not.
  • Neither of us love air travel, or at least what it has become. We’re both tall – so leg room becomes an issue. I’m an overpacker who struggles to fit my liquids in that little quart sized bag and G hates waiting for luggage (also, G’s dad works for an airline so we know how poorly that checked luggage can be treated sometimes…)

So all of that combined, particularly the first three points, led us to consider getting some sort of camper (pop-up or a-frame, or maybe a small travel trailer) that we could take on trips to national and state parks. I would have the benefit of better sleeping accommodations while G would get my happy and willing participation in camping trips! Compromise = a key part of marriage! 🙂

We started doing research (and if you know either of us, you know that was an extensive process)! We thought we’d narrowed it down to a couple of different options… and then we went to the Chicago RV & Camping Show. We figured we’d see a few units in person and make our final decision… we were wrong!

Our Class C RV! (See how the front looks like a truck…)

We got there and were not thrilled with the original options that we were thinking about. So we took some time to look around the RV show a bit and that was when we first went into a Class C RV. To be honest, previously when I had heard the term “RV”, I immediately envisioned the big Class A RVs which are built like buses and super big. The Class C on the other had was much more manageable and was built on a truck chassis. Inside, the Class C seemed much more stable and well built than many of the travel trailers we were looking at – it just felt more homey. Plus, a small Class C could easily accommodate a family from a sleeping perspective. 

So that was when we began to go down the Class C road….

Stay tuned for Part II on our RV purchase adventure and also a Simple Sparkles Comparison on Class A vs. Class C vs. Towable motorhomes!

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