A New Chromebook for Blogging?!

So as I kick off this new blogging adventure – obviously one of the most important tools to be able to blog is a computer/device of some sort (as you can probably guess from the headline, I ended up with a Chromebook…)! My current laptop is OLD (I think from 2009…) and really really slow.

At home I frequently use my iPad for light personal use (browsing the internet, shopping on Amazon, reading) and bring home my work laptop for anything work-related I need to do. Obviously, this blog falls under neither of those categories! So this means I need to get a new device! I’ve been meaning to replace my laptop for a while, and this is a good impetus.

Part of me (and not a small part), really really wants a Macbook Air. However, not being a Mrs. Moneybags means that the $1200 price tag for the one I want (including Apple Care) is not in the budget right now. And I’ve had enough frustrations with previous Windows laptops that it’s made me seek out a different option.

My tech-savvy husband (he teaches technology at a local high school!) has recommended a Chromebook and, after much research and a lot of talking myself out of the Macbook Air, I’ve pulled the trigger and ordered one! My choice? The Toshiba Chromebook 2, this one is consistently ranked as one of the best Chromebooks and seems to have all of the features I need (I hope!).

My Chromebook Concerns

Chromebook_DSC6361 by Lachlan Tsang
_DSC6361” by Lachlan Tsang/ CC BY 2.0

I have a few concerns going into this purchase…

  1. How will it interface with WordPress? I’ve read that it’s great, but I’m so used to doing things like embedding photos, etc. from a laptop that I definitely think there will be a learning curve.
  2. Photo Editing. I’m not a great photo editor right now and it’s definitely a skill I’d like to improve upon. Chromebooks don’t have Photoshop (unless you’re part of the beta) or Lightroom or many of the other standard photo editing software. I’ve been exploring and reading about Pixlr and Polarr (replacements for Photoshop and Chrome respectively), and they seem like they’ll work. But again, learning curve.
  3. Only/primarily cloud-based storage. I’m not sure why this one makes me so nervous. I use Dropbox and Box right now (for personal and work use respectively) along with their “sync” folders. I just hope that the apps for Chromebook work as well! I suppose I can always get external flash drives if I want more hard storage.

Overall, I realize that there will be an adjustment period but I’m hoping it will work out well – at least for a while! I fully intend on saving up to get a Macbook Air within the next year or two (or three), but there are a few other purchases I’d like to make first (including a nice DSLR camera) so I’m hoping the Chromebook can get me through until then.

I’ll be getting the Chromebook later this week and will definitely write an update on how things go. In the meantime, any thoughts on or experiences with blogging on a Chromebook? (Or recommendations for good Chrome apps?!)

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3 thoughts on “A New Chromebook for Blogging?!

  1. I am super anxious to hear about this! Have you received it? I’d be interested in a review, I have considered getting one for myself.

    1. I have received it! (I admit I was a bit impatient – yay for Amazon’s same day delivery!) I’m working on a review of it – I wanted to try it out on the trip to Colorado so I can include insight into traveling with it! Stay tuned for a review next week! 🙂

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