Midweek Sparkles and Weekly Update

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already – although honestly, part of me thought it was Friday yesterday… so I’m just all over the place! In addition to Midweek Sparkles, my weekly update… hmm, it was a very busy weekend where I had a girls’ day on Saturday with my mom and sister so we could do the activities/classes that we had purchased for my mom for her birthday and Christmas!Caramel Cake - Midweek Sparkles

Then on Sunday we had a very low key lunch for my birthday but G bought me the BEST CARAMEL CAKE EVER! For anyone who knows me – caramel cake is my favorite. I usually make my mom make one for me- but this time G volunteered to drive all the way to the South Loop/Southside area to pick up a cake from the famous Brown Sugar Bakery. It was fantastic…. I’m already dreaming about next year’s cake! 🙂

Since the weekend, we’ve been dealing with some work around the house – we’re replacing our roof this week, having some landscaping done and a few minor fixes/updates. Wrangling all of the people to do the projects is a job in and of itself!

Anyway, onto a few Midweek Sparkles….

  • This story was impressive… especially as a non-math/science person…
  • I’m really trying to eat healthy but this looks soooo goood… anyone have any ideas on how to make it diet-friendly…
  • Yay for tea drinkers!! Although 6-8 cups per day seems like a lot (and I love tea!)…
  • On the tea topic – new ones from Starbucks! (Although admittedly I struggle to pay for tea from Starbucks when it’s so cheap and easy to make at home…)
  • An interesting perspective on life
  • My castle dreams live on…
  • And finally, this is our favorite blender (Vitamix 5300 Blender) that we use to make smoothies several times a week! Don’t know what we’d do without it!

So that’s it – I hope you all have a wonderful week! And I hope – for all of our sakes – that the weather gets warmer here in the Chicago area in the coming week…

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