Midweek Sparkles

A beautiful summer weekend here in the Chicago-area has turned into a week of storms (or at least storms last night with more expected today and tomorrow)! Oh well, at least the rain is happening during the work week… I was lucky enough to have my friend visit this weekend and we had the chance to do some shopping and generally catch up (and we finally beat her son at Bowser Party… you don’t even know what an accomplishment that was!). G also did a TON of yard work and I played some laundry catch-up. Other that the storms (which are loud), it’s been an otherwise quiet week here. But here are some Midweek Sparkles to brighten the (overcast) day!

  • So I always say that I’m pretty good at multi-tasking but then I realized that a lot of people say they’re good at multi-tasking and actually aren’t… so maybe I’m not either? So, as mentioned by this post, maybe I should explore single-tasking.
  • After reading this post, I was glad to know that I’m not the only one who can go a bit crazy if a text message (or email) goes unanswered for too long.
  • I cannot wait for the Gilmore Girls reboot… I would be counting down the days (if only we knew an official release date!), so in the meantime, I’m reading every scrap I can about it – loved getting Melissa McCarthy’s viewpoint.
  • Having just turned 30, I thought this list of things to fear after turning 30 was clever! I can’t say I relate to all of them, but funny nonetheless!
  • I’m adding these Midwest weekend trips to our future RV-itinerary!
  • Also, now I really want a bullet journal…. (definitely watch the video), if only I could make it as pretty as some of the examples are…

So those are the Midweek Sparkles! Any fun posts/news/articles that I missed or should check out?

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Hello! I'm a 30 year old, newly married, lady living outside of one of the best cities in the USA! I work in communications, love to read, recently purchased an RV with my husband (yay for road trips!) and am looking forward to starting a family soon-ish. I love to smile and hope to make other people smile too!

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