Midweek Sparkles and Weekly Update

All right, so I had this ready to go yesterday and somehow forgot to publish… so it’s a day late! But time for Midweek Sparkles! This week has been relatively relaxed on a personal front – some desk reorganization, a few little projects around the house, etc. But it’s been incredibly busy on the work front! My Monday through Wednesday morning were so packed with meetings that it was difficult to actually get work done. I feel like this afternoon I’m finally starting to catch up!

Today I had lunch with a friend – and it was not only fabulous to catch up with her but she had some awesome hand-me-downs for our nursery and Baby Sparkles! Always appreciated – especially because so many baby clothes/items are only used for a few months. I’m hoping we can finish the last couple of items in the nursery this weekend so that I can share a nursery tour next week!

We also had our third childbirth class, which included a tour of the Labor and Delivery floor and Mother/Baby floor of the hospital. It was great to get insight into what these areas look like, as well as some of the details on logistics (where to park, where to tell visitors to park, etc.). One more class left in this series! Then next month we have infant first aid/CPR and “Bringing Home Baby” classes.

So that’s a quick update on my week, but here are some fun Midweek Sparkles!

  • I’ve been thinking a lot about our household products and such as we welcome Baby Sparkles, I’m tempted to try this cleaning system… Anyone have any experience with it?
  • A fun look into another way to vacation with RVs
  • I am obsessed with headbands and bows for Baby Sparkles – and these are awesome!!
  • Can I just say yummm….

So there are a few Midweek Sparkles for you! I hope everyone has a great week and weekend!

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