Midweek Sparkles and Weekly Update

All right, back into the swing of Midweek Sparkles! Today officially marks 32 weeks for me with Baby Sparkles! That means only 8 weeks left until our Due Date! (Which I completely accept is only an estimate…) So we have a lot going on to get ready for Baby Sparkles – this week will be our second week of childbirth classes at the hospital where I’ll be delivering. We’re also doing some finishing touches on the nursery. A few things to hang on the wall – including a DIY project that I’ll be sharing more details on later!

In addition to the nursery, there are a lot of areas in the house that I want to get re-organized/cleaned out before Baby Sparkles comes. So those are on my list for the next couple of weeks!

Work-wise, it’s definitely been busy. And a bit challenging because I’m no longer able to travel for work – so I’ve had to do a lot more coordinating/directing from afar (vs. being able to be there in person). I’m a bit of a control-freak so that’s been a struggle for me. But hey – totally worth it and for the best possible reason! 🙂

With that, let me share some of the Midweek Sparkles that I’ve been saving up!

  • loved the show the Rugrats when I was younger so it was fun to see an artist imagining what they would look like all grown up.
  • These brown sugar muffins may need to make an appearance on my fall baking schedule… and who doesn’t love fall baking?!
  • Anyone have any experience in Qeepsake? I’d like to do a baby book too but I think this might be a fun way to document life with Baby Sparkles…
  • I’m not even sure what to say about this… But it’s fascinating! And totally out of my price range!
  • Have to keep these photos in mind so I don’t miss important moments after Baby Sparkles arrival!

So those are the Midweek Sparkles for this week! 🙂 Hope you all enjoy and have a great rest of your week!

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