Midweek Sparkles and Weekly (Monthly?) Update

Happy May! All right, so I think we’re going to have to pretend that April never happened… at least on the blog front… so let’s regroup with some updates and Midweek Sparkles! Honestly, it’s been crazy with some family stuff and a brand new project that I’m working on (more details on that later). But no excuse – I let the blog slide. So here’s picking back up. New month, new start!

What’s been going on lately? Well let’s see, right now G’s sister and her fiance are in town! They’re getting married in June and doing some final wedding planning – we can’t wait to celebrate with them! And it’s been great getting to catch up with them a bit this week.

I’m so ready for warmer weather – but here in the Chicago area, those moments are fleeting. We’ve had a few nice days but lots of rain and cold… I guess the weather is making up for the mild winter we had. This spring we’re also having some work done on the house: a new roof, some new landscaping, painting inside and out, and a new ductless air conditioner. Phew… sounds exhausting just listing it out! But those

To help us get through this chilly week, on to some Midweek Sparkles.

  • I love the Great British Bake-Off… but I’m not sure about this announcement… No more Mel and Sue? What will we do!?
  • I watched 13 Reasons Why – and can see why it’s been raising controversy. Definitely two sides to the argument… any thoughts?
  • New summer essentials here and here…?
  • Love Princess Charlotte’s birthday photo!
  • One of my favorite bloggers is starting a new journey – I can’t wait to hear about her Happy Loud Life!

Well that’s a brief update and some Midweek Sparkles – I’m going to provide better updates from now on… I promise!!

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