Midweek Sparkles and Weekly Update

Midweek Sparkles - Tennessee State Line
Entering Tennessee…!

Back for Midweek Sparkles and a weekly update! For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably noticed that we were in Nashville last weekend! It was a great trip – and I’ll share a lot more details, photos (and maybe even a video!) soon!

In the meantime, back to work today! It’s actually my birthday today (so I should probably change my “About” section)… I have mixed feelings about this birthday. I’m so happy with many things in my life but there are other things that I’d still like to do/be/accomplish. So I’m trying to remind myself that it was a great year and another great year is sure to be ahead!

Also ahead is some outdoor work for us – we’re getting a new roof and some landscaping done so we’re starting to engage contractors and get bids/quotes! Never fun – but very necessary. All right, now on to some fun Midweek Sparkles!

  • I’m so excited to see Beauty and the Beast this week! I wanted to see it last week but couldn’t fit it into our schedule, but this has helped distract me until I see the real thing!
  • I really want to see this movie! Potentially more sad than Beauty and the Beast but it looks amazing.
  • Happiest country in the world! And also where half of my family is from (ancestry wise!)
  • Anyone know if this actually works…!?

So those are my Midweek Sparkles! Stay tuned for updates from Nashville and some photos! (And maybe our first ever Simple Sparkles Video!)

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Hello! I'm a 30 year old, newly married, lady living outside of one of the best cities in the USA! I work in communications, love to read, recently purchased an RV with my husband (yay for road trips!) and am looking forward to starting a family soon-ish. I love to smile and hope to make other people smile too!

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