Midweek Sparkles

Hello – time for another edition of Midweek Sparkles! I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend! (For those of you who had them at least!)

We had a great one – celebrating my mom and sister’s birthdays on Sunday and enjoying the surprisingly beautiful weekend (60s in the Chicago area in February!!). G was getting over a bad sinus infection and I was still recovering from the exhausting work trip so it was nice just to relax a bit. But now it’s back in the work week – albeit a short one. My office/desk moved from the suburbs to downtown this week (no job change, just working out of a different office), so I’ve been trying to adjust to the new commute. It’s not a good transition for me honestly but at least I’m working close to my sister so we’re going to have lunch today!

But that brings me to this week’s Midweek Sparkles – hopefully something to add a bit of light to the middle of the week!

  • I think this museum should come to Chicago next… Yum!!
  • My reading list just grew with this announcement! Now if only I didn’t have to wait for months and months (maybe years for the second and third books in the new trilogy!).
  • As I mentioned last week, I’m torn between wanting to get a new camera bag and wanting a backpack type purse that I can use for hiking and traveling over the summer. For a backpack, I want something sturdy but also cute so it can do double duty (G was always asking why I carried around 2-3 bags…!). I think I’ve narrowed it down to these three:
    • Number one – not the most practical color but I could Scotch Guard it and I really like the look of it and would definitely be able to be used as a purse as well.
    • Number two – maybe too big? I like the grey but maybe too much like a backpack and not enough like a purse… I can’t see myself taking this to a restaurant.
    • Number three: I think this one may be a good compromise. I’m just not sure how it will do with wear.
  • With my new commute, I have to wake up earlier in the morning, but maybe some of these habits would be good things to add? I don’t think it’s possible to do all 12!
  • Glad to see my birth state is doing something to help the bees!

Well that’s it for Midweek Sparkles for this week – coming up this week I’ll have some more historical baking fun facts and a post on my favorite teas!

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