Midweek Sparkles

Can it be Wednesday all ready? And time for Midweek Sparkles? Let me tell you – it has been a whirlwind week and weekend. We had a three day weekend because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and three day weekends always throw off my schedule. So it feels like Tuesday. But even though it was a three day weekend, does not mean that I had a nice, long break. I think I’ve mentioned it before but we have a couple of huge meetings coming up that I’m on the core team for planning, so that means that I pretty much work every day – sometimes it feels like all day every day. Just a few more weeks until it’s all over.

But I did manage some fun activities this weekend – brunch with friends, dinner and cake for G’s birthday, a haircut! Anyway, so I haven’t had a lot of time to actually distract myself with sparkles from around the web, but hopefully you all have more time to enjoy these:

  • This chocolate frosting looks easy and delicious! I have a pretty good handle on vanilla frosting but my chocolate could use some work so I might try this out!
  • A healthy pancake recipe to try…. hmm, maybe I could pair this with the chocolate frosting!? 🙂
  • As you know , organizing is one of my resolutions for this year and here’s some great advice to help out!
  • Some great suggestions on how to get stunning black and white pictures.
  • I fly semi-frequently for work and I wish everyone would read these etiquette rules for flying!
  • Being half Norwegian, I loved reading these 18 Ridiculously Helpful Norwegian Habits You Should Adopt, and even though I’ve never been to Norway, I realized that I come by #4,5 and 6 naturally!

So that’s it for Midweek Sparkles for this week! I hope you enjoyed and found a bit of distraction on this Wednesday.

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