Midweek Sparkles

All right – I’m officially back from my holiday hiatus and ready to get back in the swing of things!  We had a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating with family! Pictures of the festivities to come tomorrow! And I’m excited to have the week off to get some stuff done around the house, relax a bit and visit with G’s sister and fiance while they’re in town! More info on fun from the break to come. In the meantime, a few Midweek Sparkles from around the internet…

  • As our Christmas present to each other (and with some help from a generous gift from G’s parents), G and I bought ourselves a new bed and it was just delivered today! We have a bed hog for a puppy so we upgraded to a king with a needed new mattress. We’re trying out the Leesa. I went through a lot of options for that type of mattress (the Helix, Purple, Casper, etc.), but decided on the Leesa. I like the 100 night guarantee so that we can always go a different route if we don’t like the mattress.
  • As I mentioned last week, I just got a new mirrorless camera so and we’ve signed up for a class at Balanced Exposure to better learn how to use it. But in the meantime, I’ve been reading some internet tutorials like this and this. Any other suggestions for good tutorials?
  • I’m currently obsessed with the show Outdaughtered on TLC and really enjoyed the video that was posted to the Busby family blog with their Christmas celebration.
  • The State of Iowa (where I was born) turned 170 years old today and I like this look back at historic pictures from the state’s capitol building…

That’s all the Midweek Sparkles for this week and I’m looking forward to getting back to regular blog posting. Pictures from the holidays, another cake from history and more coming your way this week!

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