Midweek Sparkles

All right – time for another dose of Midweek Sparkles! We’re obviously busy preparing for Thanksgiving but it’s also been a busy couple of weeks at work – with several business trips – so it’s really crept up on me. We have one Thanksgiving celebration this weekend, one on Thursday and then the weekend after that I’m heading to watch Gilmore Girls with a friend! (see my obsession…)

But before we head into holiday craziness, here are a few things I’ve been checking out around the internet…

  • I try to shop organic whenever I can – these rules are pretty helpful!
  • I’ve been trying to be a more conscious consumer since I think one of the major ways we can influence things – as private citizens – is with how we spend our money. I love this article on how to build an ethical closet on a budget.
  • It’s fall so that means pumpkin, pumpkin and more pumpkin! I made these muffins recently and LOVED them!
  • Kinetic sand… not just for kids! (Many can attest that I can play with kinetic sand forever…) And now we can make it!
  • This video makes my organizer’s heart sing… plus I love scrapbooking and crafts! I wonder if I can convince G to find a place in the house for this…

Also – we’re looking into getting a new bed/mattress – any suggestions on the best foam mattresses out there?

More Midweek Sparkles next week!

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