Making Pretty Cakes – and 100 Posts!

Yay for 100 Posts for My Simple Sparkles! A big milestone! But I didn’t want my 100th post to just be about having 100 posts, so I thought I’d continue catching up on some of the fun activities that we’ve been doing but I didn’t blog about because of the whole first trimester thing… So let’s talk about making some pretty cakes!

For a Christmas present, I got my mom, sister and I a Wilton Cake Decorating Class! We’re lucky enough to live pretty near (I mean, an hour drive or so) the Wilton headquarters where they have the Wilton School.  So being big fans of buttercream frosting, we chose to take the Buttercream Basics class where we learned how to decorate cakes with buttercream frosting, using some basic techniques.

Buttercream Basics Class for Cakes

Making Pretty Cakes - Before the ClassWe started off my learning how to level cakes and establish the outer or base layer of frosting! The base layer has always been a problem for me, so it was nice to learn a good method to do it – we started with piping on a good layer of frosting (vs. just putting it on with a spatula). Then our instructor showed us good techniques with a spatula to smooth it out!

Leveling the Cakes

Cakes in Progress - Base Layer

My sister is a bit of a perfectionist so she was REALLY good at this part!

Lauren Working on Her Cake  - Pretty Cakes

After we had assembled the cake and established our base layer, then we got to pick COLORS! I had tried for a rose gold type of color for my base frosting and then tried to pick out a few complementary colors. The instructor didn’t want us to blend different food coloring colors (probably to save time) but I couldn’t resist because I really wanted the right colors!

Cakes in Progress - Color Scheme

Then the instructor walked us through how to use different tips to achieve different types of decorations (e.g., flowers, rosettes, shells, writing, etc.). It was great because  we were all provided with the basic tips and got to take those home with us! (I already had a TON of decorating tips, but it’s always good to have extras of the basics!)

So I started with yellow edging around the top and bottom!

Cakes in Progress - The Borders

And then, after a LOT of trial and error, here’s my final cake!

Making Pretty Cakes - My Final Cake

As shown there, I was a big fan of the rosettes! But I also made sure to include some writing, some scallops, some shells, some ribbons, etc. I was trying to practice a lot of different skills! My mom and sister did the same and I think we all ended up with pretty cakes!

The final products….

All Our Pretty Cakes!

Overall we had a really good time and I think we picked up some good skills too! (Maybe some that I’ll try on birthday cakes for our little girl next year!) If you live in the Chicago area, I definitely encourage you to check out  the Wilton School! They have a lot of different classes to make pretty cakes and cupcakes, and some especially for kids!

So I hope you all found that to be a fun 100th post for My Simple Sparkles!

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