A (Literally) Sparkle Filled Concert Date

Yesterday evening, my husband – I’ll call him “G” here – treated me to an awesome date night…tickets to the Carrie Underwood “The Storyteller Tour” concert! Now if you know me and G, you know that this is particularly thoughtful because I love Carrie Underwood and well, he does not.

Simple Sparkles at ConcertSeeing Carrie Underwood in concert has always been one of my music goals (and I don’t have many), so I was super excited when he told me he got us tickets. (He actually started by putting a “Surprise Event” on our calendar – but then, being excited and not the best secret keeper, he told me what it was about 30 minutes later! 🙂 )
We had floor tickets and showed up just early enough to get a good spot! (Only about two people away from the stage!) The show opened with The Swon Brothers (yes, from “The Voice”) and Easton Corbin. Both of whom I enjoyed listening to, but honestly didn’t know much of their music.
Carrie Underwood in ConcertThen it was time for Carrie! She did an amazing set – almost 2 hours! – and covered all of her biggest hits (and many of my favorites)! In craziness though, we did see an altercation. when two very intoxicated girls tried to push their way to the front of the stage and those who were in front of them didn’t care for that move (it was not done smoothly…). There was shoving and a thrown drink before the two girls were pushed back and actually out of the crowd (no idea what happened to them!).

One of my favorite moments was when she sang “What
I Never Knew I Always Wanted
” to a photo montage of her husband and son. And of Carrie Underwood in Concert 2course, some of her classic upbeat songs really got the audience singing and dancing!

Overall, I had an amazing time – and I really appreciate my hubby treating me to the evening! We have another concert this summer to look forward to – The Wombats – which I think will be more up his alley (although I’m looking forward to it too!).

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