Lake Geneva Weekend on Our New RV

Our RV in Lake Geneva

About a month ago G and I bought a (new to us) Class C RV! We had been talking about and researching RVs/campers for a while (more about our search to come in a future post!), and this weekend, we were excited to take the RV up to Lake Geneva for the weekend.

Our first trip on the RV was to Indiana a few weeks ago, mostly as a test-run/learning experience! And we were able to refine our set-up a little bit, so we were excited to take the RV up to Lake Geneva for our first real mini-camping trip.

Lake Geneva is about an hour or two north of Chicago and is a long time summer retreat for some of Chicago’s wealthiest businessmen who own lakefront property around Geneva Lake. The town of Lake Geneva is a super cute area with a nice beach, a marina with boats, and a downtown area with cute boutiques and restaurants.

We drove to Lake Geneva on Friday after work and checked in at our campsite in Big Foot State Park. One of the advantages of our RV set-up is that we’re able to save a lot of money on accommodations, especially in areas like Lake Geneva where hotel prices are high.

Our Site at Big Foot State Park
Our Site at Big Foot State Park (behind where the RV is parked obviously!)

We had a nice campsite – fairly wooded and shady. There were several campsites pretty close to use, but luckily none were occupied this weekend! And I have to say – this state park had one of the nicest bathroom and shower facilities that we’ve seen at state parks. While we have a bathroom in our RV, the shower is pretty small, so we tend to use the facilities where we camp. Big Food State Park had nice, really new and clean, shower rooms and restroom facilities.

Buddy's First RV Trip
Buddy’s First RV Trip!

Friday was mostly spent setting up camp, trying out our new screen tent room (which actually ended up being a bit of a disaster to set up) and getting our dog Buddy acclimated to the RV. This is the first time Buddy came with us in the RV and, as we expected, it was not his favorite thing. He likes his routine and comfort zones – but due to no pet sitters available, he came with us.

On Saturday, we walked into town (it was a nice 45 minute stroll through town!) and met G’s parents at Simple Cafe, one of our favorite restaurants in Lake Geneva. Simple Cafe features organic and locally grown food, presented in yummy and creative dishes!

Lake Geneva Ice Cream Social Boat Tour
VIew of the Lakefront from the Lake Geneva Ice Cream Social Boat Tour

After lunch, we went back to the RV so that G’s parents could see the RV and so that we could check on Buddy. Then we headed out for the Ice Cream Social  lake tour on Lake Geneva Cruise Line. It was an awesome mini-tour of the lake (we had tried to get tickets for the Full Lake Tour but they were sold out – lesson learned to book in advance!) and of course, anything with ice cream gets an A+ in my book!

Buddy's Pizza Dinner
Buddy’s First (and probably ONLY) Pizza Dinner

It was wonderful to spend some time with G’s parents and then after they headed home, we walked back to the camp site to spend some time enjoying the great outdoors. We took Buddy for a walk and had some pizza delivered for dinner. While we normally love Gino’s East, we made the mistake of ordering extra sauce on our pizza. This is a normal thing for us – we both love extra sauce on our pizza – but we also don’t normally get delivery. So the delivery coupled with the extra sauce led us to a messy, slightly soggy pizza. Buddy enjoyed his piece nonetheless! (And no, he doesn’t normally get pizza for dinner, but it was a special occasion for him! 🙂 ) I think the pizza dinner and the walks around the campsite were the high points of the trip for Buddy!

We had a nice evening relaxing in our now-assembled tent room, enjoyed the breeze and catching up. While we obviously see each other every day, it’s not often that G and I have a few hours to do nothing but talk and hang out together. Usually we’re dealing with work, house cleaning, yard work, chores, tasks, etc. But that’s one of my favorite parts about going on a mini-trip together – getting time away from the grind to spend together!

Next week we’re heading to Colorado for a little over a week! I can’t wait!

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