Holiday at High Cliff State Park

So a very belated Happy 4th of July to everyone! We had a wonderful weekend at High Cliff State Park on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. So wonderful in fact, that my intended blogging didn’t happen!

We left on Friday to head up to High Cliff State Park – we had Buddy with us, his second-ever RV trip! The drive went pretty smoothly – although not road-wise. We’re still trying to figure out the shock situation to try to decrease the bumps (and how to get the microwave to not make a super annoying high pitched squeak). We arrived at the park in the early afternoon and found our spot pretty quickly. It was a beautiful spot – lots of shade and trees, giving us a pretty good amount of privacy from the folks around us.

After getting settled in a bit, we hiked back to the entrance to register (something we’d missed on the way in). Now Buddy is a dog who loves his walks… but his walks tend to be less than a mile and on flat ground. The hike to/from the entrance was a bigger deal. It was about 3.5 miles round trip and involved going both down and then back up a HUGE, steep hill. He was a trooper on the first half – although the down hill helped 🙂 – but on the way back Buddy got a little bit more difficult…

Buddy Getting a Ride at High Cliff State Park
Going up the hill…. can you spot Buddy and his mode of transportation?

So, when we got to the uphill portion on the way back… Buddy refused. He tried to turn around, turn right, turn left, basically any direction except uphill. Which meant that G had to carry him. (I also have to admit that I was a little jealous… I wouldn’t have minded a ride up the hill!)

That evening, we drove into Appleton to get Stuc’s Pizza. Now, we had to drive the RV in, but this trip really taught us that we need to get a tow dolly so we can start bringing a car with us (or at least make sure we rent a car where we go!). But back to the pizza. It was really good! We got extra sauce (as usual) which was fantastic, a super savory sauce – and lots of cheese. G also liked his spaghetti marinara. (We weren’t such huge fans of the spinach bread.)

The next day, we had a lazy morning and early afternoon with Buddy at the campsite. We did some reading outside (I finished The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love, a book I truly enjoyed, more on that later!) and in general relaxed. The weather was perfect and we had a great time just chatting and enjoying the fresh air.

Later in the afternoon, G and I took a hike on the cliffs (leaving Buddy back at the RV!) and enjoyed the beautiful paths and lake views.

Trail at High Cliff State Park


High Cliff State Park


Lake View at High Cliff State Park

We made it down to the beach area – and while we didn’t get in the water, I definitely think we’ll have to take a dip next time!

Beach at High Cliff State Park

While we were down by the beach, we had an early dinner at High Cliff Restaurant. Although not fantastic, it was pretty good – really good cheese curds!

We walked off our cheese curds on the way home to our campsite  (back up the giant hill!) and then we relaxed with Buddy in the evening. I really wanted a camp fire for ‘smores but we were REALLY full from dinner and, again, no car to drive to get the firewood. Priority for next time though!

I’ll provide an in depth review of the campground, but overall, it was a small, but lovely park and we had a really good time enjoying the great weather and wonderful company for the holiday weekend! We’ll definitely head back to High Cliff State Park sometime soon!

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