Happy Thanksgiving!

Empty Thanksgiving Table

This was our empty Thanksgiving table. A few hours after this photo was taken, we loaded it with delicious food and the chairs were filled with family – but this is the “before.” As I was looking at this photo, I thought of all of the other things that we should bring to a Thanksgiving celebration – this things that we’re thankful for.

So here are just some of the many things that I have to be thankful for this year:

An amazing family (we have two Thanksgiving dinners full of them! and many more around the country), wonderful husband and sweet puppy – people who I love so much and who are the core of everything else

Awesome friends to talk to, laugh with, cry with and lean on

A warm, cozy house that I can fill with friends, family and memories

A job where I can make a difference and that affords me a reliable income so I can pursue interests and passions

Hope for the future – we have so many things we’re looking forward to in the coming days, months and years. I love being able to enjoy every moment but also love looking forward to many more wonderful moments to come.

That just scratches the surface but I wanted to make sure I took some time today – as we fill another table with delicious food and more chairs with amazing family members – to think about what else I was bringing to the table.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!




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