Final Recap of Our Trip to Colorado – and a Tire Story

All right, well we’re home now! We actually managed to make it home a bit early from Colorado despite an unplanned late start (one word: tire), mostly due to G powering through more than 500 miles on Friday!

On Thursday, we went to Garden of the Gods in the morning, which was very beautiful but also VERY hot and sunny! I’ve determined that my skin really doesn’t like that much direct sunlight…. Although I didn’t get a sunburn, I actually got a sun/heat rash on my hands/forearms. I got a similar one in Hawaii (which at the time I thought might have been caused by a plant or algae…). So we hiked around the area for about 2 hours but then I had to call it. (I missed the trees/shade of the Midwest!)

Garden of the Gods
The beautiful Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs
Me at Garden of the Gods
A not so great photo of me at the Garden of the Gods. The heat and sun required sunglasses and hair up…
G at Garden of the Gods
G doing some more rock climbing at Garden of the Gods. I waited and photographed from the bottom!
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods – so beautiful!

After Garden of the Gods, we headed back to the campsite to start packing up/getting ready to leave. We dumped our tanks and filled up on water, planning to leave first thing Friday morning.

But about that late start… we noticed on Thursday evening that one of the tires in our RV was low. We took it to a gas station to fill up the tire but the tire wouldn’t take pressure. At this point, it was almost 6pm, which is of course when all of the tire places are closing. We called around to 5 or 6 places before we found Big O Tires in Golden, CO that A) could handle a 30 foot RV, and B) could fit us in the next morning.

So the next morning, we dropped off the RV at the tire shop (after driving there VERY slowly on the low tire…) and grabbed some breakfast. Then I headed to return the rental car at the airport and  G hung out at Big O Tires until they could look at the tire. I drove through rush hour Denver traffic (not the best timing…) but managed to return the car without issue. I took a shuttle from the car rental place to the airport and then two trains to get back over to Golden. (Side note: Denver’s trains were very user-friendly and very clean! It was easy to navigate and saved $75 on an Uber!)

Luckily by the time I got to the Golden train station, G was done and the tire was fixed! I have to say, our experience with Big O Tires in Golden was fantastic! From the first phone call, they were professional and helpful. They talked us through the options when we arrived and made sure we kept up to date every step of the way. Not only that, but when they determined that our tire problem was caused by a screw we had picked up somewhere, they were able to repair the tire and refill it to our pressure specifications FOR NO CHARGE! That’s right – no charge for finding the problem, solving it and then getting us on the road. I hope we don’t have more tire problems, but if we did, I wouldn’t hesitate to go to a Big O Tires again. Thanks to the whole team there for helping us out!

Although our tire experience was great, it did set us back a few hours. Our planned 7am departure, became 1pm. However, G was on a mission, and we managed to cover about 550 miles by 10pm on Friday evening. We made a Wallydocking stop to sleep and then hit the road early Saturday morning. Despite some road construction, we made it to my parents by mid-afternoon to pick up the puppy and then headed home – making it home almost a full day early! Today, we’re unpacking the RV, getting things settled at home and prepping for the work week! But we definitely had an exciting first long-haul trip on the RV!

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