You Read How Many Blogs?! Feedbin – My Favorite Blog Feed/Aggregator!

So as you probably noticed from my posts on my favorite blogs (here, here, here and here), I read a LOT of blogs! Those were just a fraction of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis – I think my last count was about 60-70. But how do I keep up with all of that content – well enter Feedbin, my favorite blog feed or blog aggregator!

What is a Blog Feed or Aggregator?

I guess the first question is what is a blog feed or blog aggregator? Basically it’s a website that collects (or aggregates) all of the content from the blogs that you select and puts it into one place. So you choose which blogs to “subscribe” to (which is different than subscribing to individual blogs to get their content pushed to you), and then you access the single site and it’s all collected there for you! These can also be called RSS feeds.

I was a loyal user of Google Reader – Google’s version of an RSS feed. However, then Google discontinued it… So I had to find an alternative. Enter Feedbin.

About Feedbin

So when I was picking my new blog feed or aggregator, I was pretty picky. I wanted something super clean and easy to use. I went through a lot of them on the list of alternatives that Google offered… But I found a lot of them were difficult to navigate through and use. They had a lot of features that I’d never use that just cluttered up the interface.

But then I hit on Feedbin. It has a super clean interface, easy to use feed/subscribe and the ability to star/save content – that’s really what I was looking for. Take a look below – you have the list of blogs you follow on the far left, the aggregated list of new posts in the middle and then the ability to read the posts on the right. (Note: some blogs limit how much of the post you can read in a feed so you have to actually click to their site to see the full post. I don’t mind this because at least you can still see when there’s new posts and decide if you want to check out the full post!)

Feedbin Screenshot

Now it has some other features that are also great including the ability to tag, share and search within your feed. I don’t use those features frequently but they are there if you want to use them! (And, importantly, if you don’t want to use them, they’re not annoying!)

What I do use is the ability to sync your Feedbin feed with iPad/iPhone apps. There are several that Feedbin will sync with so you can choose which one you like the best! (I use their Feedbin Notifier app – but there are other options too!)

Now – it’s not free – many of the feeds are free, but this one costs a little bit (around $3/month – but you can save a bit by paying annually!). In my opinion, totally worth it!

Feedbin lets me keep up on the blogs that I love and is super easy to use! If you’re looking for a blog/RSS feed or aggregator, I highly recommend you try this one out! They have a free trial so you can test it out!

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