February Progress on 2017 Goals

Ok, this post is officially over a week late! Sorry about that.In January, I shared my approach for goals/resolutions this year as well as an outline of what I’d like to accomplish! To help my accountability, I promised to check-in monthly on my progress – so here it goes!

February was a bit of a rough month – I know I talked a bit about that work meeting which was a week long and really took it out of me! But no excuses – I still tried to do my best!

  • Make one “healthy” choice every day. This could be something as simple as walking up the stairs rather than taking the escalator at work, using less sugar in my tea, etc. Or it could be something more significant like going to the gym.
    • I’ve still been pretty good about this one – I would say I still hover in the 80-90%. I’ve been going to the gym 3-5 times per week and keeping a close eye on my FitBit has really kept me motivated! But I want to try to shift more of these decisions to be food-related vs. activity related.
  • Try three new workouts, activities, classes. I’d like to try to mix up my physical activity (right now I’m a solid treadmill/elliptical user) so I want to try three new physical activities over the course of the year.
    • Still just the one check mark for the yoga class. But there’s talk of us potentially getting an inflatable boat of some kind for  camping trips so that would be another potential check!
  • Read one non-comfort-zone book each month. So I read a LOT, but I often find myself reading the same genre/type of book or even re-reading books that I already own. So I’d like to branch out a bit and try new books. My mom and I have joined a book club, so that will definitely help with this goal but I’ll need to go a bit beyond that to make the once-per-month goal.
    • Month number 2 = check with “A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding” (review here!) so I’m 2 for 2. Previous book:
  • Achieve basic proficiency with my mirrorless camera. As I mentioned, I recently bought a Sony Alpha a6000 mirrorless digital camera. But this camera is significantly more powerful (and complicated) than any other camera that I own. So I’d like to learn how to use it well. Because I’m striving to be specific with these resolutions, I think that basic proficiency will be achieved when I:
    • Take two in-person classes or workshops on photography. – We did the one in January (which I still owe you a review for!) and we’re looking to schedule the next one in April!
    • Learn how to shoot in the four basic settings: MASP – I’ve been making progress with this – I’ve been shooting in aperture-priority mode mostly and occasionally in shutter-priority mode. Once or twice I’ve ventured into manual. So still practicing!
    • Become familiar with the menus and options. This is something that we covered int he first class and will cover even more in the second but I’ve been able to play around with white balance menu options, etc. 
    • Follow 3-5 photography blogs Check! I follow several blogs including: FStoppers, Digital Photography School and Photography Life
    • Read 1-2 photography books – Still selecting these, any suggestions? 
  • Declutter/organize one (small) area of the house each week. I don’t think I’ll ever be a minimalist – it’s not in my nature. However, G is definitely more of one and I can see his point about keeping things organized and the amount of “stuff” under control. So I’d like to take time each week to maintain that decluttered and organized status. Our house is pretty good right now – but there are a few closets that could use a comb through. I feel like the one per week cadence will help me keep up.
    • This is still a work in progress – I did the linen closet and the front closet so 2/4…
  • Prioritize fun/new activities with family. I want to prioritize doing fun and/or new activities with G and our families. Although we have our normal family time, I’d like to make a point to do either new activities or activities that are outside of our normal routine with both G and our families. My goal is to do at least 6-10 special things over the course of the year.
    • This is also one I need to work on – although I’ve done some planning for activities! We did some golfing with my dad and friends (both the driving range and Top Golf). So that’s one check mark! Winter is not our favorite time to explore – but we’re planning fun things for spring, summer. I mentioned the boat thing which would be fun, and we’re also looking at trying to do more biking. 

These are specific to this blog and what I’d like to accomplish here.

  • Post at least 3-4 entries per week. Just increasing regularity and consistency in posting.
    • Missed two weeks this month which is particularly bad given it was a short month! I got back on track mid-month though so hopefully that was a minor blip. 
  • Build readership to at least double my monthly average pageviews. I’m not sure if this is the best metric to focus on or not but it’s the one I’ve chosen and I think it’s at least a good place to start.
    • Because of fewer posts, didn’t see any growth this month. 

So, a few goals that I need to refocus on, but overall I think this goal structure is still working pretty well for me. I think I’m going to try to have a weekly check-in (just for me! not posted here), and that may help keep me focused.

So that’s my February update. How are all of you doing on your goals?

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