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Time for the next in my series of favorite blogs! If you missed it, definitely check out the first in the series with a list of my favorite travel and RV blogs. As I mentioned in that post, I wanted to write this series and share my favorite blogs because so many of these have inspired me – both in my life and in writing for My Simple Sparkles.

So this category focuses on food or cooking blogs. The categories can get a little bit fuzzy here because I have general lifestyle blogs coming up and some of those definitely include recipes and such occasionally. But I chose these based on the majority of the content being food/cooking or health-oriented.

SkinnyTaste and Slender Kitchen: I’m grouping these two together because they’re similar from my perspective – both offer great healthy (low cal, etc.) recipes that also taste great.  They also offer meal plan options if you want a whole week (or more) worth of recipes that work well together. They both also provide nutritional information for their recipes which is great if you’re tracking that information on something like MyFitnessPal or doing the Weight Watchers program. (SkinnyTaste also gives you the Weight Watchers SmartPoints value!)

The Stay at Home Chef: This blog is written by Rachel who is a mother with a lot of culinary experience who publishes amazing and usually family-friendly meals. I not only love her recipes but also really love her YouTube videos. The Stay at Home Chef is great for people who would prefer videos vs. written recipes, or really just anyone who loves great recipes and family-inspired cooking.

100 Days of Real Food: We try – as much as possible – to cut back on processed foods and artificial ingredients. We’re by no means perfect or even close to, but we do like to include and feature whole/real foods as much as possible in our diet and kitchen. This blog is a great resource not only for recipes featuring whole food but also general information on moving towards a more whole foods based diet and general health and wellness information.

So that’s my round-up! Not a full or complete list but some of my favorite blogs focused on food and cooking!

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