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Time for the next installment in my favorite blogs series! If you haven’t already seen them, check out my favorite RV & Travel, Food & Cooking, and Fashion & Beauty blogs! Many of these blogs and bloggers have inspired me to write My Simple Sparkles! And now I want to share my favorite “General Lifestyle” blogs. This is a broad category, but what these blogs have in common is that you tend to get to know the author really well, they cover a wide variety of topics and focus on the life of the blogger. This is probably the category that most of the blogs I follow fall into because I like to get to know the writer!

A small caveat – when I was compiling this list, I noticed a few blogs (well, 2) that more specifically dealt with children/families (raising them, educating them, etc.). I left those in this category because they are some of my favorites but also because there weren’t enough of them to do a separate post.

So here you go – just a few of my favorites!

Fitting it All In:  Written by Clare, who is currently in medical school, Fitting it All In really does talk about a variety of topics. From health to yoga to what it’s like to go to med school to fashion to Notre Dame football – it covers it all! I find Clare to be amazing at connecting with her audience and bringing us into her world. It’s always fun to see what she has going on and get her insights into life.

Baby Rabies: This is one of the two focused more on parenthood, kids, etc. Written by Jill, this blog is often hilarious, always entertaining and usually informative. As she states, she writes “honestly and a little too openly about pregnancy, parenthood, and all the moments in life that she has to laugh at or she just might cry into a bottle of wine.” Having just had her fourth kiddo, she definitely has a lot of inspiration for her content – I find her very relatable (even not having any kids yet) and fun.

Still Being Molly: Written by – well you can probably guess – Molly, Still Being Molly covers a lot of lifestyle topics that I love… from ethical fashion to DIY essential oil projects to general updates on Molly’s two adorable children! It’s always fun to see her blog pop up in my feed of new entries. (And, although not just a style blog, I love Molly’s style!) She’s fun, and great hearted, and really does a lot to spread the word about ethical manufacturing and shopping!

Memorizing the Moments: Ok, well this one is a big personal to me because it’s written by one of my best friends and features pictures of her adorable kiddo who is like a nephew to me! But it does have some great content about early learning and early childhood education (in addition to the super cute pictures!).

Just a Girl and Her Blog: Written by Abby, Just a Girl and Her Blog content features a lot about decorating and organization. But she also talks about blogging and having her own business. Again, I love getting glimpses into her DIY projects, home decor and perspective on having a blog!

Frugalwoods: Originally, I thought this blog might belong in like a money/finance category because it does focus a lot on frugality and living a frugal life. But Mrs. Frugalwoods also talks about life on their Vermont homestead, travel, life with a new baby, etc. So I grouped it in general lifestyle. My husband would be the first to say that I could probably learn some lessons from the Frugalwoods, but let’s just say that my frugality is a work in progress…

I think that wraps up my list of favorite lifestyle blogs and my series of favorite blogs and bloggers – I’m sure I didn’t get all of my favorites in this series but I tried to get the majority of them. I’ve had a couple of people ask me how I follow blogs (e.g., which blog aggregator I use) so I’ll talk more about that soon!

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