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Well, apparently I completely missed Midweek Sparkles this week – sorry about that! It’s been a bit crazy as I’ve been traveling for work. (Why is everything so much more exhausting when you’re away from home?) But I did want to share the next installment in my Favorite Blogs series where I’m sharing some of my favorite blogs and bloggers that have inspired me as I write My Simple Sparkles. I started with my favorite travel & RV blogs and then continued with my favorite food and cooking blogs. Now it’s time for fashion and beauty.

I am by no means a fashion or beauty expert… I mean, I like to play around with clothes and make-up but I wouldn’t call it a passion of mine. However, I do have a few blogs that I love to look to for inspiration and product recommendations so I thought I’d share those with you!

Kendi Everyday: I almost put this one under next week’s lifestyle category because she doesn’t just write about fashion but since I really look to the blog primarily for fashion inspiration I left it here. Honestly. I don’t have the same body type as Kendi so I can’t usually exactly replicate her outfits or even use the same shapes, but I love the way she plays with colors and patterns. And her purses/bags are always among my favorites! Plus, she has a really down-to-earth perspective and tone in her writing!

Logical Harmony: Over the past couple of years, I’ve striven to go both more natural and cruelty-free with my cosmetics, hair and personal care products and Tashina has a great perspective on these products! She offers amazing videos and product reviews – always a great resource when I’m looking for a new product to try.

The Small Things: Another blog that could probably go into next week’s Lifestyle round up, Kate writes this blog about her life and her passions, including hair and beauty. While she talks about a lot more than hair and beauty (her two sons are SO cute!), I put The Small Things in this category because, as a former hairstylist, Kate is a great resource for hair tutorials and product reviews – among many other things! So go there for the hair and beauty, stay for the fun life insights and adorable family pictures!

Well that’s about it for my favorites in this category. I do have a lot more that I follow but these three are my “must-reads”. Next week – lifestyle blogs! Then I’m contemplating wrapping up with a “miscellaneous” category…

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