DIY Roman Shades – A Simple Sparkles Project

I love DIY projects and crafts – I don’t always have a lot of time for them but when I can make time, I really enjoy them! So recently I made some DIY roman shades for our secondary guest room. I say secondary guest room, because our primary guest room is actually in the basement since it has an ensuite bathroom as well. But, at times when we have two guest rooms occupied (I love hosting!), we use our secondary guest room which is upstairs.


While that room is furnished and relatively comfortable – with easy access to the hall bathroom, I hadn’t had a chance to deal with window dressings since we moved into our house a year ago. While I don’t think it looked awful, I know that it created a lack of privacy and could lead to early wake-up calls, especially in the summer! So before we have family staying with us for the holidays, I wanted to make sure that we got that taken care of! The gift of privacy and sleeping in! 🙂

G actually passed this tutorial along to me and I immediately knew I wanted to try it! I will say that I think the results were pretty successful – I made two sets for the two windows and they turned out well. I wish our windows had been a bit deeper (or our blinds not as deep) and I also think that it wasn’t quite as cost effective as I thought it would be. I mean it wasn’t a lot more expensive than purchased roman shades – and I did get to pick my own, very nice fabric – but it wasn’t significantly cheaper either. If you already had the blinds, then it would be a big cost savings.

Definitely watch the video for detailed instructions but here’s the basic run through.

You start off with your supplies: faux wood blinds (like these), fabric, fabric glue, scissors, an iron and a tape measure. Plus a really big work space!

Supplies for Roman Shades
The supplies for the project!

After gathering the supplies you cut the ladder strings (the ones that space out the slats), NOT the main string in the middle.

Cutting the strings - Roman Shades

After removing the ladder strings, you need to break off the extra slats. The video recommends one slat for every seven inches of window height. However, I think I would space them out a bit farther if I did the project again – maybe every 8-9 inches.

Breaking the Slats - Roman Shades

Then you space out the slats on the fabric that you’ve cut to be the correct dimensions.

Laying out the Blinds - Roman Shades

Then you’ll glue the fabric to the blinds on the edges and in the middle – being careful not to glue down the string which will make the blinds go up and down.

Glue the edges - Roman Shades

All laid out and drying! Note – the video suggests clothespins to hold the fabric down. I forgot to get these but they would have been VERY helpful!

All Finished and Drying - Roman Shades

And here they are – all finished!

Finished Product Roman Shades

And both of them in the room!

In the Room - Roman Shades

There it is – DIY roman shades to provide some privacy and sunrise protection for the guest room! This was a fun project – it took me about 2-3 hours to do both sets of blinds. (Not including hanging them up with G did the next day!) Check out the video tutorial if you’re interested in trying it yourself!

Now on to my next project!

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