A Delicious Mother’s Day Celebration

This year for Mother’s Day, my mom dropped the bomb that she would no longer like to receive Mother’s Day gifts from my sister and I, but instead would just like us to all do something together to celebrate. So, armed with this guidance, my sister and I set out to find a fun activity that we could do together.

My mom, sister and I all enjoy trying new recipes and learning kitchen skills, so we thought we’d find a cooking class. We scanned through several “Mother’s Day Brunch” cooking classes; however, they all seemed to be the same – larger groups of people and simple menus. We were stuck until we found Right Side Kitchen in Evanston, IL. They offer affordable, private cooking classes for groups or special occasions.

The three of us opted for the Fresh Pasta Making Class! We were able to set our own schedule and it was really nice to be the only three in the class! Jim, who’s the chef and teacher of the class, was fantastic – very knowledgeable and very engaging!

We started by building the dough by making a well of flour and breaking in five eggs. THEN the kneading began…

It took a LOT of kneading to get the dough to come together. And I chose to add spinach to my pasta, which added liquid so in turn required me to knead in MORE flour. (Mistake!) We did it by hand first so that we could feel how the texture of the pasta comes together but then Jim did show us how to use food processor to get the dough started (which would save a TON of time if we wanted to make pasta at home).

Rolling Out the Pasta_CorrectWe each made 1 lb of dough – including Jim – and we took one pound of dough into the next steps so we could eat some! (We got to take the rest of the dough home.) After the kneading, we ran the dough through an attachment to a Kitchen Aid Mixer like this one to roll out the dough super thin (we took it to a “6” on the attachment). After rolling it out, we cut it into fettuccine noodles using the same attachment!

Uncooked Pasta with Semolina FlourAfter we cut it, we gently tossed the pasta in semolina flour to keep it from sticking to itself. The dough made a LOT of pasta – we only rolled out and cut out about 2/3 of the pound of pasta dough but it made a small mountain of pasta.

Then we cooked the pasta – which was flavored with some truffle flour by the way! – and Jim tossed it gently with some butter and fresh Parmesan cheese! It was truly delicious! And best of all – we all have some pasta dough in our freezer to make at home!

Mothers Day Photo CollageOverall, I really enjoyed making the pasta with my mom and sister. I hope my mother had a wonderful Mother’s Day – she deserves it! Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all of the other wonderful mothers out there!

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