Colorado: Day 2, 3 + An RV Tour

Another day and a half down on our way to Colorado and it’s been nice and relaxing! I think we figured out our ideal pace for long road trips (~350-450 miles per day). We made it to our KOA  yesterday around 3:30 , set up, did some cleaning, took a shower and then relaxed, watched TV and played some board games! This morning, we got up, packed up quickly and hit the road. We had to get a new coffee maker for the RV (more on this later…!) and now we’re heading down the road through Nebraska. Side note: western Nebraska seems very barren, almost eerie…and not a lot of great scenery. We should be in the state of Colorado later today, making a stop at another KOA and then on to our campsite tomorrow morning!

But in the meantime, I thought I’d share some photos of the inside of our Class C RV so that you can see what it’s like. On to the RV Tour…

RV Tour: Kitchen
Our little RV kitchen! Primarily we use it for the sink/microwave (and fridge/freezer which are opposite the stove)!


RV Tour: Dinette
Next to the kitchen is the dinette area! Key things about this area: we have a carseat anchor (for future use!) and it converts into a bed if needed! (Plus, it’s a perfect table for board games!)


RV Tour: Cab and Overhead Bed
In the front of the vehicle is the cab area (where Greg drives!) and over that is a swing out TV and an awesome queen size bunk bed for the (future) kids! (There’s also a safety net I can buckle up so no one rolls out! 🙂 ).


RV Tour: Sofa Area
Across from the dinette, the sofa area is where you can often find me reading on my iPad while Greg is driving. This also converts to a bed for the future kiddos! (They’ll have options!)
RV Tour: Bathroom
Our little bathroom! Not huge but works for the necessities and is perfect for putting on make-up or brushing teeth! (The shower is across the hall!)










RV Tour: Bedroom
Comfy queen size bed in the back! 🙂 (And yes, G argues that we don’t need the decorative pillow but…)

Overall, we really like the RV so far! It’s fun and comfy and nice… and unlike hotels, we only live in our own germs! We’ll likely adjust our set-up a bit but for now, we’re pretty organized. And looking forward to this and many more trips in the RV!

PS: I think we need to name the RV… any suggestions?!

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