Colorado Adventure: Day One

So, yesterday was Day 1 of our Colorado adventure! We left about 2 pm from our house, Buddy in tow, to head to my parents house. We drove through truly horrible Chicago traffic (not even through the city!) and then a subsequent rainstorm… all within the first 30 miles. An ominous sign for the trip ahead? We didn’t think so! But we were glad when we finally made it to my parents house, were able to stretch our legs and eat some delicious pizza that they had for us!

My parents house was also the point where Buddy’s adventure stopped – or at least his adventure with us – he will be staying with my parents and getting incredibly spoiled for the next week while we continue westward. (Trust me, he prefers it this way… he can bond with my parents dog, Teddy, get twice-daily walks, a daily trip to the dog park and chicken with every meal. Doggie. Heaven.)

I-80 Truck Stop enroute to Colorado
I-80: The Worlds Largest Truck Stop!

G and I had a few more miles to go before we slept though… (I know not quite the song lyrics…). So we continued on westward toward Colorado. We were originally planning to avoid interstates and cut south to a highway to get west (we had a BAD experience driving the RV on I-65 in Indiana); however, we found I-80 to be quite pleasant to drive on so we decided to keep going straight west on that (a much more direct route!).

Running the RV through the Truck Wash
Running the RV through the Truck Wash

Just a little bit west of the Quad Cities is the I-80 Truck Stop – the largest truck stop in the world! Now, having grown up in the Quad Cities, I’ve driven by this truck stop countless times. But for G, it was new, and I had never done it in an RV. So of course, we decided to stop, get gas and take our RV through the truck wash! That was a fun experience (and I think the teenagers washing our RV were wondering why I was taking pictures….! 🙂 ).

Driving through the Storm
Driving through the Storm

All was going well, until we were about 45 minutes away from my parents and then, I swear, the sky opened up and just dumped all over us. The rain was SO strong, and by this time it was getting to be dark outside, leaving a reflective sheen all over the interstate. We were glad, at that point, that we were on a well marked and well maintained interstate (vs. a two lane highway). G was awesome and powered through the storm (at a very safe pace).

After making it through to the other side (although not escaping the rain – just a more reasonable amount of rain), we made it to our evening destination…. Walmart. Yep, we stayed last night in a Walmart parking lot. For those unfamiliar with RVing, it’s sometimes called “Wallydocking” and it’s really just a convenient/affordable way to stop to get some sleep while on an extended trip. Since we have a bathroom and bedroom (and kitchen) within the RV, we were able to just able to pull in to the back, put on our parking break and get ready for bed.

I think we actually both slept all right – not the greatest night’s sleep ever (it was a bit warm since we weren’t plugged in and didn’t turn on our generator) but definitely enough rest to get us ready for another day today!

Working on the RV!
Working on the RV!

A quick trip into Walmart to buy a few things (including muffins for breakfast!) and now we’re back on the road. And I’m trying out my Chromebook on the road work-station…. We’ll see how it goes. (So far typing isn’t too bad but the mouse is a bit tricky with all of the movement…). Onward to Colorado we go!

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