A Baby Sparkles Nursery Tour

Well it’s taken me way to long to put this up – considering the nursery has been done for weeks! But I wanted to share a little glimpse around Baby Sparkles’ room!

I originally wanted a book theme – I love to read, always have, and I hope that Baby Sparkles will too! So when I found this adorable Dr. Seuss themed set, with fun/bright colors and the obvious tie in to books – I was sold!

Nursery - Crib and Dresser

I LOVE the hot air balloons and the mixture of light pink, dark pink, yellow, orange and purple! It gave me a lot of fun colors and themes to play with. (And you can see we have our video monitor all set up – thanks to G! πŸ™‚ ). We will likely move the crib out of the corner once she’s more mobile but in the meantime, it opens up the floorplan a bit! (I also love the acrylic artwork above the crib – adds a pop of color but no risk of falling on the baby!)

Nursery - Changing Table

Here’s another angle on the nursery- with the desk/turned changing table. I really like the yellow walls! G will tell you that I was a bit worried/picky about the yellow but after the painter put on a third coat, I loved it! (And yes, the third coat did make a difference!)

Here’s the other side of the nursery with the glider and the bookshelf. You can see we don’t have pictures in those two frames yet – we’ll remedy that quickly after Baby Sparkles comes! πŸ™‚ We have her shelf pretty stocked with books and have some bins that while they’re mostly empty now, will eventually hold toys!







This was one of my favorite projects for the room – I did a few DIY things. As I mentioned – we had a TON of bows made for us at the baby shower, and I wanted to find a nice way to organize them but keep them from making the room look messy. So – an amazing idea from my mom – was to turn a shadow box into a bow display case! I’ll do a broader post on how I made this – but for now I just wanted to show all of Baby Sparkles’ beautiful bows!

Close up! πŸ™‚ I really hope she likes bows/headbands… !! πŸ™‚

Overall, I’m really happy with the nursery – I feel like its a bright, cheerful place that I can’t wait to show to Baby Sparkles!

Not too much longer until we welcome Baby Sparkles home! We’re ready now! πŸ™‚



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