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So for Mother’s Day, my sister and I took my mom out to lunch and to do a make-your-own perfume workshop at Aroma Workshop in Chicago. If you haven’t noticed the trend, my mom really appreciates/likes to do activities in celebration of holidays (Christmas, birthdays, etc.) rather than gifts. So my sister and I are always brainstorming fun options for upcoming holidays.

First, we started out at Summerhouse Santa Monica in Lincoln Park for lunch – it was delicious! The lunch itself was great but I think my favorite part was dessert… They have a bakery where you can either get goodies to go with lunch or you can just swing in and grab something to go. We were a bit full after lunch so we got a few cookies to go and had them later with La Colombe coffee (well I had water…). Delicious!! SO rich – but delicious. I think my favorite was the snickerdoodle, although we also tried the salted caramel oatmeal and the chocolate chip. All of them were amazing! (And I highly recommend sharing – they’re very large!)

Aroma Workshop - Summer House Aroma Workshop - Cookies Aroma Workshop - Coffee and Cookies

After lunch and cookies, we headed to our appointment at Aroma Workshop. It’s a fun and cute little store in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago where you can make custom scents and then use them to scent everything from perfume to cleaning products to bath and body stuff.

Now, I had done this before – G and I did it as part of our celebration of our first Valentine’s Day together (yes, they do manly scents too!). But it was new to my mom and sister – and probably to many of you, so I’ll walk through the process a bit.

When you arrive, you and/or your group are seated in front of huge displays FULL of different scents – perfume oils.

Aroma Workshop - All the Scents

Then the folks at Aroma Workshop give you a worksheet where you can mark which scents you like. All of the scents are divided into four categories… Floral, Flavors, Citrus/Fresh and Nature/Woodsy. You’re encouraged to select at least a couple from each category but it’s not a requirement. Overall, you’re encouraged to select between 8-12 scents. (I may have gone a bit overboard and picked like 15-18… oops!)

Aroma Workshop - My Scent Sheet

We were surprised how different and similar our selections were. While we all had some overlap with each other, all three of us ended up with very different sheets!

After you smell all of the scents and pick your favorites, then the facilitators from Aroma Workshop take over. They look at your favorites and build four custom scent combinations for you. You then get to smell all of them, make any adjustments you’d like (e.g., a little bit more of that, less of that) which takes you to your final scent! Then they’ll mix it into whatever you’ve selected (we all chose perfumes) and you’re all set!

Aroma Workshop - With our Finished Products

As you can see behind us, Aroma Workshop has a LOT of options for things to blend with your custom scent. So overall, we had a great time doing this (although be careful if you have allergies – it’s pretty scent-y in there!). The prices are a bit high for some of the things but you definitely go for the experience (oh and keep an eye out for Groupons!). We had a really good time and are all enjoying our custom perfumes now (although I think my sister may still prefer the Tom Ford that she can’t afford…! 😉 ).

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