About Me

Ugh, I hate writing these “About Me” pages – it’s so hard to try to encapsulate who you are in a short post without sounding trite or cliched. But I’m going to give it a try for My Simple Sparkles.

I’m a (newly) 30-year-old living with my hubby and our puppy (really a dog… he’s about 9 years old) in a suburb of Chicago. I work in public relations/communications for a major healthcare company and I absolutely love to write. Obviously writing is a key part of my job, but I’ve been craving a more creative outlet where I can have more freedom to write about things that are important to me – things that make me sparkle.

Some of the things that I like/hope to write about include:

  • Board games/fun family activities
  • Cooking/recipes
  • Beauty/hair – especially natural/organic beauty
  • Crafts/DIY Projects
  • Travel (especially in our recently purchased RV)

Those are my Simple Sparkles. That list will probably expand, contract and morph – but at least it’s a starting point. If you’re interested in more of my background – feel free to keep reading!

My Life Story…Abridged!

I was born and raised in Iowa – and no, not on a farm, in a nice suburban community. After high school, I completed a Bachelor’s degree at the University of Iowa and then I made the big move. The move to NYC – the Big Apple!

I lived in New York for almost five years and I started my career there. While I had amazing experiences – both work and personal – I knew the New York wasn’t my home. I wanted to be closer to my immediate and very large extended family in the Midwest.

So I moved to Chicago – started a new job and lived by myself for the very first time (NYC rents require roommates!). I love Chicago – the architecture, the culture, the lake, the parks… I could go on and on. And most importantly – Chicago introduced me to my husband. Well, technically eHarmony introduced me to my husband, but being in Chicago was an essential part of that!

Shortly after I changed jobs and started to work in the Chicago suburbs, I connected with my husband, who I’ll call G, via eHarmony. He lived in the suburbs and we hit it off quickly! We got engaged, married and bought a new house together in the suburbs! Now we’re settling in and looking forward to starting a family!